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Why link green procurement with EMAS, ISO 14000 and co?

In most European public authorities procurement is a relatively decentralised process involving many individuals in different departments. Even where central purchasing units exist, some procurement responsibility will still rest with staff in other units. In such situation ensuring the implementation of green procurement requires effective communication between and within departments, and also the setting of clear priorities.

In an increasing number of authorities environmental management systems are being put in place to provide a useful framework for co-ordinating environmental improvements. As public procurement is an activity with substantial consequences in terms of environmental impact, it clearly makes sense to promote the integration of green procurement actions into such management systems.

The LEAP project has developed a tool designed to assist public authorities in this integration taking into account the various management systems in operation today (EMAS, ISO 14000, ecoBUDGET etc.).

To view the final LEAP tool on integrating GPP into EMS click here (pdf)

To prepare the development of this tool, a survey among local authorities with environmental management systems has been carried out. To view the final report click here (pdf).


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