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JP working documents

In the development of the LEAP joint procurement pilot activities a number of background studies were carried out, and can be viewed below:

  • Legal questions on joint procurement: Draft paper analysing practical legal questions on the joint procurement model and discussing some solutions, from September 2004 (pdf file)
  • Report on Local Market Research: A report on research carried out on the differences in availability and price of green products on different national markets around Europe. (pdf file)
  • Priority products for joint procurement: A report on the research carried out on the procurement practices of LEAP local authorities to determine the products with the best potential for joint procurement (pdf file)
  • Report on European green purchasing projects: A summary of past and current European projects on green procurement and their relevance for the joint procurement activities within LEAP (pdf file)
  • Selection of potential products for joint procurement: A presentation held during the first project meeting in November 2003, preparing the choice of products to be researched for possible joint procurement. This includes documentation of the vote by all partners on the final selection of products(pdf file).


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