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Already in 1990 Göteborg City Council decided that the local government committees and city-owned companies should make environmental demands in conjunction with procurement and purchasing. A strategy "The Göteborg Model" was drawn up containing legal requirements, political decisions, tools, information, training and follow-up for implementing green procurement and purchasing. In the Environmental Policy for City of Göteborg is decided that every committee and board must have an environmental management system. City-owned companies and big administrations use the ISO 14001 or EMAS systems. For small city administrations a special EMS was established called the Environmental Diploma. To obtain the diploma a number of criteria must be met, as environmental policy, environmental plan, training, green purchasing, energy efficiency etc.

An English brochure on the Göteborg Model is available in PDF-format.

The LEAP team i Göteborg (from left to right): Björn Wadefalk, Christina Ramberg, Erén Andersson, Berit Westberg


Erén Andersson
SDN Torslanda
Box 226
423 22 Torslanda, SWEDEN
tel +46 31 366 50 24
mobil +46 703065024
fax +46 31 366 49 00


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