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Located on the south bank of the Tagus River across from Lisbon, Almada is one of 18 municipalities within the Lisbon Metropolitan Region, with 180.000 full-time residents living within a 72 km2 area. Almada´s Atlantic Ocean beachfront extends for approximately 13 km and is a popular summertime destination for Lisbon residents as well as foreign visitors, increasing the demand on many city services.

Almada´s local economy is based primarily on Tourism, Services and Public Administration. City Council departments employ approximately 2.000 people, a substantial percentage of the active resident workforce in Almada.

View on Almada from the seaside

Almada has manifested its commitment to the principles of sustainable development in many ways. In 1998 the City Council of Almada has created an Environmental Planning Department, which is currently developing a Municipal Environmental Plan to be implemented within the framework of a Local Agenda 21. Furthermore, EMAS certification is currently being implemented throughout all departments of the City Council.

These and other actions are based on the increasing needs of its population concerning environmental protection and better quality of life, with the aim of intervening in a more structured way for the prevention and resolution of environmental problems of the Municipality.


LEAP TEAM (from left to right): Catarina Freitas and Sophie Mrejen

Contact Address:

Catarina Freitas
Municipal Environmental House
Rua Bernardo Francisco da Costa, 42
2800-029 Almada – Portugal

Telf.: +351 21 272 25 10
Fax: +351 21 272 25 19
E-mail: cfreitas(at)cma.m-almada.pt


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