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The LEAP Project

Green purchasing has been practised by some pioneers throughout Europe for more than 10 years, but still change does not come easily. It is a management task. For example in food procurement, action needs to be co-ordinated between a multitude of people: Chefs, guests, procurers, suppliers, etc. In general, not enough is done, but also in many cases a great deal of effort is invested in making only minor improvements. Therefore more systematic and efficient action is needed. Furthermore although prices for green products may be high for authorities buying on their own, combining the purchasing actions of several authorities could change this. In the light of these facts a group of 11 cities throughout Europe have carried out the LEAP project with the aim of:

  • Examining how the management and implementation of green purchasing can be improved through integration with environmental management systems
  • Developing practical approaches aimed at realising the environmental and financial benefits of joint procurement

The project is now finished, and a group of tools aimed at assisting European public authorities in implementing GPP has been finalised. The results were presented at the EcoProcura 2006 conference in Barcelona.

To view the tools please visit the LEAP GPP Toolkit website.

The final results leaflet can be viewed here (pdf).


Please find further information on the project behind the following links:


Overview on the project, introductory leaflet (pdf-file 500 kB or pdf-file 4 MB)

Environmental management systems and procurement

Joint procurement to bring down prices on the European Market

Project partners: 12 cities and three think tanks

Overview of Tasks and timetable of the project

The full technical description of the project




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